Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Center for Complex Material Systems


    The Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen-Center for Complex Material Systems (RCCM) has been founded in July 2006 by scientists of the faculties of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Biology as a framework for enhanced interdisciplinary research and graduate training in materials and device related research.

    The RCCM is dedicated to research on novel materials with improved or previously unavailable functionalities, their microscopic characterization and theoretical modelling with respect to structural, electronic, photonic and biofunctional properties and to the application of these materials in devices.

    The Center is based on a coordinated effort of leading scientists in the participating faculties using advanced infrastructures like the Microstructure Laboratory, the Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory, the NMR Center and the Biocenter, providing a unique frame for research and training on new material systems and devices.

    The main topics of the research at the RCCM are light-matter interaction and spintronics. These topics are addressed in seven research areas:

    (A) Ultrafast sub-wavelength control of light-matter interaction

    (B) Light-matter interaction effects in semiconductor hetero- and hybrid structures

    (C) Spin-orbit effects on charge transport in narrow gap semiconductors

    (D) Dilute magnetic semiconductors and transition metal oxides for spintronics

    (E) Organic semiconductors

    (F) Supramolecular chromophore arrays

    (G) Bio-hybrid structures for medical applications

    Based on ongoing applied research projects with the Würzburg-based Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research and the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research in Würzburg and many German companies and international partner Universities, the RCCM systematically supports the transfer of research results to applications in a variety of areas. The graduate education of the RCCM is integrated into the International Graduate School at the University of Würzburg.

    Presently a Graduate School for Science and Technology is being established, in which the RCCM will be responsible for the class of Functional Materials Science.


    Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen-Forschungszentrum für komplexe Materialsysteme

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