Principal Investigators

Matthias Bode, Chair of Experimental Physics II

Holger Braunschweig, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry II – Organometallic Chemistry

Gerhard Bringmann, Chair of Organic Chemistry I – Natural Product Chemistry

Tobias Brixner, Chair of Physical Chemistry I

Hartmut Buhmann, Professor for Experimental Physics III - Quantum Transport in Nanostructures

Ralph Claessen, Chair of Experimental Physics IV-Solid State Spectroscopy

Vladimir Dyakonov, Chair of Experimental Physics VI – Energy Research

Volker Engel, Professor for Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Bernd Engels, Professor for Theoretical Organic Chemistry

Markus Engstler, Chair of Zoology I

Alfred Forchel, President of the University

Randolf Hanke, Chair of X-ray Microscopy

Werner Hanke, Chair of Theoretical Physics I

Ewelina Hankiewicz, Professor for Theoretical Physics IV

Bert Hecht, Professor for Experimental Physics V - Nano-Optics and Bio-Photonics

Rainer Hedrich, Chair of Molecular Plant Physiology and Biophysics

Tobias Hertel, Chair of Physical Chemistry II

Sven Höfling, Chair of Technische Physik

Ulrike Holzgrabe, Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ruth Houbertz, Group leader, Fraunhofer ISC

Peter Jakob, Chair for Biophysics and NMR – Center

Martin Kamp,  Deputy chair of Applied Physics

Anke Krüger, Professor for Organic Chemistry

Dirk Kurth, Professor for Chemical Technology of Advanced Materials

Christoph Lambert, Chair of Physical Organic Chemistry

Matthias Lehmann, Professor for Organic Chemistry

Todd Marder, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry III

Lorenz Meinel, Director and Chair for Pharmaceutics and Biopharmacy

Laurens Molenkamp, Chair of Experimental Physics III – Semiconductor Physics

Klaus Müller-Buschbaum, Professor for Inorganic Chemistry

Georg Nagel, Professor for Molecular Plant Physiology

Jens Pflaum, Professor for Experimental Physics

Friedrich Reinert, Chair of Experimental Physics VII

Markus Sauer, Chair of Biotechnologie

Gerhard Sextl, Chair of Chemical Technology of Advanced Materials

Björn Trauzettel, Chair of Theoretical Physics IV - Mesoscopic Physics

Frank Würthner, Chair of Organic Chemistry II – Organic Materials and Nanosystems Chemistry